My background

In a nutshell

  • Qualified University of Liverpool 2003
  • Works for South Sefton Clinical Commissioning Group and University of Liverpool
  • Favourite phrase ‘I love it when a plan comes together’
  • Married to Libby, 2 kids
  • Likes: Doing things, large quantities of food and an outdoor challenge
  • Dislikes: Mushy peas and British soaps

Peter is a General Practitioner and Lead Clinician for Strategy and Innovation within South Sefton Clinical Commissioning Group. He focuses on service development and improvement across a number of sectors and is passionate about whole system service design, integration, proactive care and medical informatics.

Peter graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2003. Following completion of core physician training, he worked as a cardiology middle grade before moving to general practice. He also works as a community clinical tutor at the University of Liverpool Medical School.

Understanding local challenges

As a clinical commissioner Peter’s main areas of responsibility include urgent care, intermediate care and the development of community services. He is an advocate of improvement methodology and is currently leading on a major quality improvement project that includes horizontal integration of community services, vertical integration of IT systems across different health and social providers, and streamlining urgent care pathways.

‘There are significant challenges for local NHS systems,’ says Peter. ‘They need to radically develop so that in the future they can cope with changing demographics and social dynamics, as well as the increasing burden of long-term conditions.’

During his fellowship, Peter will focus on systems of care connected with frailty and long-term conditions. He is particularly interested in the application of cross-sector care planning, lean management, and the development of sustainable self-care for this group of patients. He is hoping to learn more about the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s (IHI) Triple Aim initiative, an approach developed by the IHI that describes a framework for optimising health system performance.

Laying the foundations for change

When he returns to the UK, Peter plans to form a quality and innovation network and using commissioning channels spread quality improvement methods and tools across Merseyside.

‘I am very excited about the Quality Improvement Fellowship,’ says Peter. ‘It will be a perfect opportunity to develop my leadership skills, together with my understanding of how to use those skills to ensure quality is the foundation for every healthcare service development.’


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