With one working day in it we managed to get to the embassy with no cuts to our fingers and all the documents in tow. ‘Cute kids’ said the consulate officer ‘and where are you going to live’. Not quite sure where the interview ended and chat began.

Seven suitcases, 4 carry ons, 2 car seats and a double buggy later and we were finally at the airport. ‘You need to check in before security luv’ said the airport steward. ‘We have, that’s just the hand luggage’

Thanks to everyone who got us here, especially the 10 angels from church who packed us up and Sarah and Jamie for putting us up.

Arrived to  32oC in Orlando and the odd tropical storm. The roof has just been hit by lightening, generator has sparked up. Happy to get a few days recharge before I hit (or get hit) by the stats. Nearly there….still, I think I’m overdue that ice cold beer.


One thought on “Touchdown!

  1. Best of luck to you and your family, I look forward to seeing how you’re getting along

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